Garmin Badges Levels


See how much points you need for each of the Garmin Badges Levels.

Garmin Badges Levels
Garmin Badges Levels

How to get the points?

You get the points for each Garmin Badge that you get. There are multiple ways to get badges, but for the best result, do the following:

  1. Find friends with Garmin accounts, and challenge them repeatedetly to get the Challenge Champ badge 250 times. It'll give you 500 points in total.
  2. Set your daily steps goal to 10k, and do make a consistent effort to hit it daily, making sure you never miss a day. This is how you get 10K a Day Challenge every 30 days, and 60-Day Goal Getter every 60 days. It results in a constant stream of ~96 points yearly. The 30-days one will give you the total of 1000 points in ~20 years, and the 60-days one will give you 2000 points in ~40 years.
  3. Complete monthly and quarterly challenges.  Those are for cycling, running, walking, swimming, yoga and strength trainings. You can get up to ~250 points a year doing so, depending on your lifestyle.
  4. Get the Legacy Series watches, and max-out the repeatable badges available for them:
    • Captain Marvel's Watch will give you 500 points for completing a 90-minute activity 250 times, via Try to Keep Up and 1000 points for completing 3 strength trainings a week, via Hone Your Strength.  This is completeable in ~4 years.
    • First Avenger's Watch will give you 500 points for completing a 90-minute activity 250 times, via On Your left and 1000 points for completing 3 strength trainings a week, via First Avenger.  This is completeable in ~4 years.
    • Rey Skywalker's Watch will give you 500 points for completing 3 yoga sessions a week, via Feel the Force Flow.  This is completeable in ~4 years.
    • Darth Vader's Watch will give you 500 points for completing an activity with 500-feet (152.4 meters) elevation gain 250 times, via High Ground 
  5. Observe a Garmin Badges Calendar to get extra badges for being active on certain holidays. This results in +/- 25 extra points yearly.
  6. Participate in the Garmin Events and get the one-time badges available for completing them. They're also visible with a certain Garmin Calendar configuration.
  7. Set and complete your long-distance running goalsover the year. The shortest repeatable running badge is 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) Marathon.  Generally speaking, it is safe for runners to run two marathons a year, so it might be a good idea to participate in the Garmin Events on that occassions to get extra badges.
  8. Set and complete your long-distance cycling goalsover the year. There are three 8-points cycling badges: Indoor 4-Hour Ride100-Mile Ride and Speedy Century as well as extra five repeatable badges for the Garmin's Tacx app: 2-points Eleven Cities Tour, 4-points Alpine Classic, 4-points Ride with the Pros, 4-points Tacx 75K Ride, and 8-points Tacx 100K Ride.

While reaching the 10th level takes a lot of work and dedication, it'll definitely help you stay active over a lifetime, and is a nice goal to set for oneself to become an athlete.

How many points to get each level?

Here's the points-amount to levels table: